Leganto New Features – Templates

Another nice new feature that Leganto brings, is the ability to use a Template when creating a new resource list. The Library has set up some pre-prepared templates based on the way course organisers typically structure their resource lists.

Templates are a quick and easy way of adding a structure to your list with a single click.
Select a template image

When creating a new list in Leganto, you will automatically have the option to select a template.




Combined with the ability to store your favourite resources for re-use in My Collection (as seen in last week’s post), the process of building up a list can become as straightforward as dragging and dropping your resources onto the prepared structure.

This is a great way to speed up the list creation process and to ensure consistency across lists.

After a template has been applied to a list, it is of course possible to edit/modify the structure by editing any of the individual sections or deleting ones that are not needed. This can be done by opening the options drop-down menu and selecting “Edit” or “Delete” section.

You can also add a description to your section (with e.g. specific instructions for students).

Course organisers will not be able to set up their own templates, but the Library will have a selection of prepared templates ready for use.

At the initial launch stage there will be three prepared templates available: a “12-Week-semester” template, a “Resource types” template, and a “Reading Priority” template with “Essential”, “Recommended” and “Further Reading” sections.

We can add frequently used templates, so if there is a list structure that you use often and find especially useful, please do let us know!


Iraklis Pantopoulos

Course Collections Assistant

Library Learning Services