The resource lists system is changing, but the service is staying the same

The new resource lists system will be launching in June, but our service won’t be changing. Course Organisers will still be able to create their own resource lists or, alternatively, send the details over to the Library and we’ll set up the resource list in Leganto. We’ll announce deadlines in due course – keep an eye on the blog for details.

As well as creating and reviewing resource lists, the Library will continue to order new or additional copies of books (or ebooks), process scans and move books to the HUB or Reserve.

How the Library orders books for courses

It’s important to continue to prioritise the items on your resource lists as ‘Essential’, ‘Recommended’ or ‘Further Reading’. As well as complying with the University’s Accessible and Inclusive Learning Policy, it helps students manage their workload, and helps the Library make sure there are enough books on the shelves (or ebooks online). When the Library decides how many books to purchase, we look at the student numbers for the course and the priority assigned to each of the resources. If there aren’t enough books available, we make purchases based on the following ratios:

Priority Purchased Location
Essential 1 copy per 20 students Distributed across HUB Reserve, Short and Standard Loan
Recommended 1 copy per 40 students Short Loan
Further reading Direct request required from Course Organiser – 1 copy purchased Standard Loan

If you have any questions, please contact us at


Louise Dutnell, Course Collections Assistant