Monthly Archives: October 2014

Semester Two resource lists

Approximately 200 resource lists were published using Talis Aspire in time for the start of Semester One. Library staff now have a number of resource lists to create for Semester Two.

If you would like us to create a resource list for your course, and then hand it over to you for ongoing maintenance, please send your reading lists to by 28th November.

Please provide the course code (s), indicate how many students are expected and, if possible, prioritise the items on your list(s).

Please only send us lists you intend to publish for Semester Two classes. We will issue a request for reading lists for Session 2015/16 in the New Year.

As always, Library Learning Services is available for demos, training sessions and 1-2-1s.

If you’d like access to Resource list@ Edinburgh (using Talis Aspire) please email

Dashboard Statistics: up- to-date

Good news! Dashboard statistics on resource lists are now up-to-date and working as expected.

The dashboard statistics show the number of page views, clicks on the list and the number of annotations made by students (the actual annotations are private to the student). The dashboard also provides a metadata check and suggests where you can make improvements. You can also see if the edition on your list is the most recent and if the library has a copy.

You can view your resource list’s dashboard by clicking on the green ‘Dashboard’ button at the top of the list. Click this button to see a short tutorial on Dashboard statistics.

If the number of views and clicks are lower than expected you may need to promote the list to students or try embedding the list in your Learn or Moodle course using the resource lists tool. How to integrate resource lists with Learn and Moodle.

Dashboard statistics – missing data

If you have checked your resource list dashboard recently, I hope you have not been too disheartened. The statistics currently displaying on the list dashboard are a month out of date.

This week it became obvious that there was a huge discrepancy between the statistics showing on the dashboard and those recorded by Google Analytics (which we also capture). For example, the most viewed resource list is showing four times as many pages views on Google Analytics than on the list dashboard.

Talis Aspire have acknowledged that the dashboard statistics have not been updating as they should. They are in the process of adding the data for the last month.

We will let you know when the dashboard statistics have been updated.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Angela Laurins, Library Learning Services

Course organisers, please publish your first semester lists

Library staff and our fantastic interns, Katrin and Gemma, have had a busy few weeks creating over 150 Resource Lists sent to us by CHSS staff. All of the first semester lists, received by the cut-off date, 25th August, have been created.

Most of the Resource Lists have been published. However, there are still some resource lists which remain unpublished. Course organisers, if you have not published your Resource List, can you please do so now.

All course organisers should have received a notification email from Library Learning Services with a spreadsheet detailing book/ejournal availability. Course organisers should also have received an email (via Talis) inviting them to accept the role of List Publisher, allowing them to edit and publish the list.

If you haven’t published your list yet, please check your junk mail folder for the email invite. If you can’t find the original invite, please email:  and we’ll send you another.

If your list remains unpublished for a reason, can you let us know please?

We’re really keen that all the hard work spent creating the lists doesn’t go to waste and that students can take full advantage of using ResourceLists@Edinburgh.

Angela Laurins, Library Learning Services Manager