Monthly Archives: November 2016

Reading list procurement project

The Resource List service now provides online reading lists for approximately 900 courses across the University and is one of the key strategic themes for Library and University Collections over the next three years.

The funding we received in the recent planning round recognises the contribution Resource Lists makes to supporting teaching and improving the student experience. This additional funding will enable us to develop and improve a growing service and ensure students have access to core course materials.

At the same time, our contract with our existing Resource List supplier, Talis Aspire, will end in July 2017. As a result, Library and University Collections are currently working with IS Applications on a procurement project which includes academic and student representatives on the Project Board.

As well as fulfilling a legal obligation, the procurement exercise gives us a fantastic opportunity to evaluate the marketplace which has expanded in recent years and helps the Library define its ambitions for increasing adoption of the service.

The Library is committed to developing and supporting the Resource List service, if the system changes (and we may re-select Talis Aspire), it will be because we believe any new system can better meet the needs of academic teaching staff and students. Please be reassured, that if an alternative system were to be selected, existing lists would be transferred.

We expect to make a decision early in 2017. We’ll keep you up to date with developments and if you have any questions or would like any further information, please contact:

Angela Laurins
Library Learning Services Manager