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Resource Lists workshops

We’re running two Resource Lists workshops next week for academic staff and course administrators.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll be able to use Talis Aspire to create your own resource lists. We’ll also explain how the Library is using Resource Lists to manage Course Collections and provide access to core reading materials for students.

Booking open

Booking is now open on MyEd for the following dates:

3 October

7 October

One-to-one and refresher training

We’re also happy to come to you and hold one-to-one or refresher sessions to fit around Course Organisers’ schedules: please contact

More information about the Resource List services is available on our webpages:

Resource Lists webpages

Quick tip: How to add a book we don’t hold in the Library to your resource list

Course organisers, if you want to add a book to your resource list(s) and you can’t find it in DiscoverED, find it on the National Library of Scotland (NLS) catalogue or on any bookseller’s website and bookmark it from there.

The bookmark from the NLS or bookseller acts as a placeholder on the list. When you request a review of your list, we’ll check all items on the list against current holdings in the Library, if we don’t have any copies, we’ll use the details on the placeholder bookmark to process the book recommendation. You can help us, by using ‘Note for Library’ to highlight that we need to purchase copies of any title not held.

Remember to use ‘Note for Library’ to request e-reserve scans, additional copies or provide information about a list item and to request a review of your Semester 2 Resource Lists by 31st October.

More information on requesting a review of your list(s).

Angela Laurins
Library Learning Services

Resource Lists: Semester 2 deadlines announced

Course organisers, send your lists to by 17th October.
Alternatively, if you’re creating your Resource List yourself, request a review by 31st October.

Ask the Library to create your Semester 2 Resource List(s)
Send your annotated reading list with a completed coversheet to by 17th October and we’ll create a beautifully formatted Resource List using Talis Aspire, process your e-reserve scan requests, book recommendations and move any ‘Essential’ texts to HUB/Reserve.

More information on sending your reading lists to the Library.

Create your own Semester 2 Resource List (s)
Remember to prioritise items on your list, include expected student numbers and use ‘Note for Library’ to request e-reserve scans, additional copies of texts or provide the Library with any information about a resource .

If you want the Library to take action, eg provide a scan or purchase books, you need to request a review of your Resource List(s).

Request a review by 31st October to give the Library as much time as possible to process any book orders, e-reserve scan requests and move ‘Essential’ books to HUB/Reserve.

You may submit lists for review after this deadline, and we will do our best to fulfil requests, but we can’t guarantee that all readings will be available in time for the start of Semester 2 teaching.

If you’ve not used Resource Lists before, email and request access.

More information on creating your own Resource List(s)

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