DiscoverEd and Resource Lists

On 8th June DiscoverEd moved to a new platform.

The new interface of DiscoverEd will now include several Resource List related features, including closer integration between the two systems.

Now when browsing, if an item is on a Resource List, a label will appear under the item record.

Clicking and opening an item record in DiscoverEd will now include a live link to any Resource Lists that uses this title.

Also, when browsing DiscoverEd, you can add items to your Resource List or Collection.

Simply select Collection or the relevant Resource List and list section and select Add to A Resource List or Collection

Collection in Leganto and the My Favourites in DiscoverEd are now the same list of resources. When you add an item in My Favourites in DiscoverEd it will also appear in your Collection in Resource Lists. Use this feature to save items to add to a Resource List later, or to add an item to multiple lists.

You can also add items to your Collection by simply clicking on the push-pin icon to the right of the item title

For more help on using DiscoverEd with Resource Lists contact: