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Rollover 2019 is complete!

The Library has now made copies of the 2018/19 Resource Lists for use in the new academic year. Please check that your 2019/20 Resource List is available.

If you go to the Resource Lists homepage: You can see that the new lists are attached to a 2019/20 course code. This is displayed underneath the list title:

I can’t see my 2019/20 Resource List – what do I do?

If you don’t see your 2019/20 list in your ‘My Lists’ and/or can’t find it on   please contact

I can’t find my 2019/20 course code- what do I do?

If you are setting up a brand new list and want to associate it to a 2019/20 course code but don’t see the 2019/20 code in the drop down list, please contact

Manage collaborators

You can check who has editing rights on the list by clicking on Collaborators in the right-hand panel. To add or remove list editors, click on Manage collaborators.

Editing Resource Lists for next year

Please make sure you’re editing the 2019/20 version of your list!

The 2019/20 course code will be displayed underneath the list title, but if you are unsure – or can’t find your new list – please get in touch with Library Learning Services at

For more information about editing your lists, have a look at the user guides on our website.

When you’ve finished editing your list, please remember to send your list to the Library for review by 22nd July – use the button at the top of the list to do this.

What happens to the 2018/19 Resource Lists?

The 2018/19 version of the list will become READ ONLY.

After rollover, students will be able to access previous years’ lists either via the corresponding year’s course in Learn or via  (after 18th August, they must select ‘ALL’ or ‘Inactive’ to find non-current years’ lists).


A permalink is a stable link to a Resource List, which you might use in a course handbook or course Learn page. If you do use permalinks, please remember to update the links to point to the new 2019/20 lists. To find the permalink for your Resource List:

Click on Reading list options (the three dots at the top of the list), then Permalink and To list.













The permalink will now appear in a pop-up window. Copy the permalink to use in your Learn page or course handbook.


Resource Lists deadlines for Semester 1 2019/20

If you’d like the Library to set up your list, please send us your annotated list using the online form by 15th July.

Alternatively, if you’re working on your list yourself, send your list in for review by 22nd July. Please remember to prioritise items on your list using the ‘Essential’, ‘Recommended’ and ‘Further reading’ tags. To request copyright-compliant digitisations, use the ‘Digitisation’ tag and ‘Library discussion’ to provide page numbers or chapter details of pages you’d like scanned.

User guides and workshops

For more information about using Resource Lists, please see the user guides on our website.

We’re also running Resource Lists workshops over the next few months – full details in our earlier blog post.

If the dates don’t suit and you’d like to arrange a school-based workshop, demo, Q&A or 1-2-1, please get in touch with

Contact us

Please contact if you would like any help or have any questions.