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Resource Lists deadlines announced

 The new resource lists system will be going live at the start of June, so it’s a good time to think about preparing your lists for 2017/18.

Course organisers, please send your lists to by 10th July and we’ll create a beautifully formatted list in Leganto.

Alternatively, if you’d like to use Leganto to create the list yourself, please submit your list to the Library for review by 24th July.

Once we receive your list, we’ll process e-reserve scan requests, purchase new or additional copies of books, and move items to the HUB or reserve collections.

We will continue to provide resource lists throughout the year, but submitting your lists by these deadlines means we have as much time as possible to get things ready for the new semester.

Send your list to the Library

If you’d like us to create your list in Leganto, please send your annotated reading list and coversheet to by 10th July.

For more information about Library-created lists, see the Resource Lists website.

Create a list yourself

We’ll make new guides available soon to help you get started with Leganto, so after the new system goes live the week beginning 5th June, you’ll be able to create your own lists.

After you create your lists, please send them to the Library for review by 24th July.

Training sessions

There will be bookable training sessions throughout June. Dates will be announced soon (keep an eye on the blog) or you can email to arrange a one-to-one or group visit.

Existing (Talis Aspire) resource lists

If you already have a resource list, this will have been copied from the old system (Talis Aspire). Library staff will review each list and once it’s checked, we’ll be in touch with information on how to access your the new Leganto list. You can then edit, review and/or add new resources to the list and send back to the Library, if new books or scans are needed.

If you have any questions, please get in touch at


Louise Dutnell
Course Collections Assistant

Resource Lists update – launching early June

What have we been doing?

We’re on track to go live with Leganto, our new resource lists system, week beginning 5th June. We’ve started checking the lists that we’ve moved over from the previous system and everything’s looking good so far.

Over the last few months we’ve been busy:

  • Preparing the current resource lists data for migration
  • Learning about all the features of the new system
  • Creating new user guides and training materials
  • Figuring out how the Library teams will work together to process resource lists as efficiently as possible
  • Asking the ExLibris support team lots and lots of questions…

What happens next?

During w/b 5th, we’ll send you details on how you can view and edit existing lists and start creating new lists to send to the Library for processing.

Over the summer, we’ll have four Resource Lists Assistants joining us in the Library Learning Services team. As well as creating and reviewing new lists, they’ll be checking all of the lists that we moved over from the previous reading list system, to make sure everything has migrated correctly.

Once all the training materials are complete, we’ll be offering workshops and training sessions for Course Organisers. Details of bookable sessions will be circulated shortly. We’re also happy to come to you and hold one-to-one sessions; please get in touch at to arrange a visit.

We’ll also be asking Course Organisers to send us their Semester 1 resource lists by 10th July or create their own and send for review by 24th July.

Please keep an eye on the Resource Lists blog for updates.

Questions or comments?

Email us at


Louise Dutnell
Course Collections Assistant

Make a PDF of your Talis Aspire list to record changes

On 1st April we exported all relevant resource list data from Talis Aspire to transfer to the new reading list system, Leganto. This means that when you access Leganto, you’ll see your resource list as it was on 31st March. Any changes made after this date, will not have be automatically transferred to Leganto.

If you export your list as a PDF, you can use this is a reference to add any resources added after 31st March to your new Leganto list. You will be able to access your Talis list until 10th July.

To export your list as a PDF:

  • Log in to your Talis list using EASE.
  • Click on the Export icon at the top of the list
  • From the drop-down options select Export to PDF

Export to pdf

This will save a pdf copy of your list on your computer. Please keep this copy.

In an earlier blog post we described how to back up your Talis bookmarks and import them into Leganto.

You can use these bookmarks to add to your Leganto list any items that you may have added to your resource list in Talis after the cut-off date, using your backed up list as a guide.

Example PDF copy of a list

Alternatively you can simply add any new items to your Leganto list as normal. We will be making detailed guides on using Leganto available soon.


Iraklis Pantopoulos

Course Collections Assistant

Library Learning Services