Make a PDF of your Talis Aspire list to record changes

On 1st April we exported all relevant resource list data from Talis Aspire to transfer to the new reading list system, Leganto. This means that when you access Leganto, you’ll see your resource list as it was on 31st March. Any changes made after this date, will not have be automatically transferred to Leganto.

If you export your list as a PDF, you can use this is a reference to add any resources added after 31st March to your new Leganto list. You will be able to access your Talis list until 10th July.

To export your list as a PDF:

  • Log in to your Talis list using EASE.
  • Click on the Export icon at the top of the list
  • From the drop-down options select Export to PDF

Export to pdf

This will save a pdf copy of your list on your computer. Please keep this copy.

In an earlier blog post we described how to back up your Talis bookmarks and import them into Leganto.

You can use these bookmarks to add to your Leganto list any items that you may have added to your resource list in Talis after the cut-off date, using your backed up list as a guide.

Example PDF copy of a list

Alternatively you can simply add any new items to your Leganto list as normal. We will be making detailed guides on using Leganto available soon.


Iraklis Pantopoulos

Course Collections Assistant

Library Learning Services