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Resource Lists workshops


Library Learning Services is running a series of resource lists workshops throughout June and July . All workshops will be held in Room EW 10, Argyle House.

Book via MyEd for the following dates:

6 June (1400-1600)

14 June (1000-1200)

18 June (1400-1600)

21 June (1000-1200)

3 July (1000-1200)

11 July (1400-1600)

If the dates don’t suit and you’d like to arrange a school-based workshop, demo, Q&A or 1-2-1, please get in touch with

Alternatively, have a look at the workshop presentation and Ten step guide to getting started with Resource Lists or find out more about the Resource List service on the IS webiste.


Resource Lists: New in June

In response to feedback, this month there’s a new option for course organisers and students to choose a compact view of the list, so that more citations fit on a screen.

New! Compact list view

To condense the citations, click on the compact view button at the top of the list. Then click on this button again to see the citations in the fuller format.

Very handy for smaller screens! Here’s what it looks like:

Standard view:

Compact view:


Collapsed list view

Another way to change the appearance of the list is to use the toggle section view option. Click the button at the top of the list to see, at a glance, the different sections and how many items are in each section (in brackets).

To open a  section to see all the citations and access resources, click on the little arrow to the right of the section title. This makes long lists with lots of sections more manageable!

Collapsed view:

Expanded view:


Choose a item type

When you create your own citation, you can select the item type. There are different data fields for different formats (for example, if you choose  ‘book chapter’ item type, you can add in the page numbers for the start and end of the chapter). This month, there’s a new option to add a score:


More information

We’re running workshops over the summer for academics, learning technologists and course administrators: bring your course reading list along and turn it into a fully-functioning resource list! More details and booking here:

We’ve also got user guides on our website:

If you have any comments or queries about Resource Lists, please get in touch with Library Learning Services at