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DiscoverEd and Resource Lists

On 8th June DiscoverEd moved to a new platform.

The new interface of DiscoverEd will now include several Resource List related features, including closer integration between the two systems.

Now when browsing, if an item is on a Resource List, a label will appear under the item record.

Clicking and opening an item record in DiscoverEd will now include a live link to any Resource Lists that uses this title.

Also, when browsing DiscoverEd, you can add items to your Resource List or Collection.

Simply select Collection or the relevant Resource List and list section and select Add to A Resource List or Collection

Collection in Leganto and the My Favourites in DiscoverEd are now the same list of resources. When you add an item in My Favourites in DiscoverEd it will also appear in your Collection in Resource Lists. Use this feature to save items to add to a Resource List later, or to add an item to multiple lists.

You can also add items to your Collection by simply clicking on the push-pin icon to the right of the item title

For more help on using DiscoverEd with Resource Lists contact:

Times may be a-changin but they don’t have to be confusing! Here’s a quick look at the new Leganto interface changes.

1. The left side menu will be replaced with a drop-down hamburger style menu:

You will still find all your old favourites here: Lists, Collection and Find Lists, but in a collapsible menu that gives you and your students more room to view your resource list materials.

2. Changing the list title and course description information will now behave more like they do when editing section headings, with the Edit option now appearing under the three dot (…) menu:

Select Edit, make your changes, and hit save.

3. The Add Items menu has been simplified to show all option available to add resources to your Resource List.

Library Search finds resources currently available by the Library and allows you to add them to your list. This search works just as if you were searching DiscoverEd using title and author keywords.

Using Blank Form you can create a citation from scratch; this option is best used to add materials you’ve created yourself or to add items not held by the Library (instead of using Cite it!) – remember to add the URL in the ‘source’ field if this is an online resource.

Collection will allow you to add items you have previously saved to your collection; you can either drag and drop the item into your Resource List or pick a section from the drop-down menu and click Add. This option is especially useful if you want to add the same item to your list several times or to different lists.

The File option can be used to add a file directly to your Resource List. This option should only be used to upload files where you directly hold the copyright and are happy to share the file with all users with a University Login. When adding files, the copyright declaration will default to “No declaration” and files added with this status will NOT be visible to students until cleared by the Library.

Send your list for review (using the button at the top of the list), the Library will check the file and if there are no copyright concerns, we’ll make the file accessible to students. If there are any issues, we’ll be in touch.

For more information on copyright and Resource Lists, please see our website: