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Resource Lists Service Statement revised: 10 things you need to know

Making the Library easier
Using Resource Lists Academic teaching staff can avoid filling out multiple forms by sending a reading list and completed coversheet to Libraray.Learning@ed.ac.uk . Provided all the information we need is included, the Library will process E-reserve, print reserve requests and purchase course reading based on a set of ratios.

Resource Lists Service Statement revised
To make this work we’ve had to look closely at our existing library workflows and figure out how we can integrate the work of several different library teams and make sure our colleagues across all the sites know what to expect from Resource Lists.

The Resource List Service Statement provides the detail (and Librarian’s love detail!) that explains who will do what to make sure the Library delivers on the course materials students need. It also explains how we’ll manage exceptions to the rules.

Don’t let the 13 pages put you off reading it. If you want a comprehensive overview of how we’re managing Resource Lists this year, this document is for you! Resource List Service Statement v2 (PDF) If not, you’ll find all the essential information our webpages:http://edin.ac/resource-lists

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New user guides for Resource Lists

We’ve been reviewing and revamping our user guides, to help make using Resource Lists @ Edinburgh even easier.

Our new, slimmed-down guides offer you all you need to get started with Resource Lists.

On our website, you can now find:

  • Get started: 8 steps to publishing a Resource List (workbook)
  • Create and add bookmarks
  • Add a Resource List to LEARN or Moodle
  • Review and publish

Resource Lists user guides

If you have any questions about Resource Lists, please contact Library.Learning@ed.ac.uk

Academic teaching staff: tell us about your Resource List (Talis Aspire) experience

Library Learning Services is running a survey aimed at academic teaching and support staff currently using Resource Lists @ Edinburgh (using Talis Aspire).

Big changes
In 2015/16 we introduced some big changes to the Resource Lists service which saw the Library, for the first time, use Resource Lists as a way to inform purchase of core materials, process e-reserve scan requests and identify books to move to Reserve and/or HUB Reserve.

Tell us what you think
We’d be grateful if you would take 10 minutes to complete the short survey.

Complete the survey: https://edinburgh.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/resource-lists-edinburgh-using-talis-aspire-academic

Your feedback will let us know how well we met your expectations and will help us improve for next year.

This survey is intended for teaching and support staff currently using Resource Lists for courses in Session 2015/16. However, if you registered to use the service, but never created or published a Resource List, we’d like to know why.

The survey will run Monday 28th March – Friday 22nd April 2016.

Contact us
If you would like to arrange a demonstration, workshop or refresher session, or, if you have have question about the service, please email: Library.Learning@ed.ac.uk



Semester Two deadlines: 12th October and 9th November

I know, I know, Semester One has barely started and already we’re asking you to send us your Semester Two reading lists.

We have two deadlines:

  1. Library creates Resource List, deadline: 12th October 2015
  2. Course Organiser creates Resource List, deadline: 9th November 2015

Deadlines explained….

12th October 2015 – Library creates Resource List

If you have a reading list that you would like the Library Learning Services team to convert into a beautifully formatted Resource List using Talis Aspire, then please send your list along with a completed Resource List Coversheet to IS.Helpline@ed.ac.uk by 12th October.

The Resource List coversheet should be completed for each list submitted. The coversheet  gives us all the information we need to prioritise and process you list, e-reserve scans and book recommendations.

When we’ve created your list we’ll send you a summary of the items on your list, books, journals and articles, with information on how many copies are held and at what libraries.

Clearly indicate on the reading list supplied which items you’d like scanned and we’ll pass on these to the e-reserve team.

Also, provided you have prioritised your list using, Essential, Recommended and Further reading and tell us the expected number of students, we’ll make any book recommendations for additional, or new copies, based on the ratios in the table below.

9th November 2015 – Course organiser creates Resource List

Alternatively, you can use Talis Aspire to create your Resource List(s) yourself. There is a range of user guides to help you get started. If you’re not already registered to use Resource Lists, contact IS.Helpline@ed.ac.uk to request access.

If you publish the list by 9th November, prioritise the items on your list and use ‘Note for Library’ to provide details of any e-reserve requests, we’ll review your list, pass on your e-reserve requests, check for number of copies, and, based on the ratios in the table below, pass on any book recommendations for additional or new copies.

Priority Purchased Moved to
Essential 1 copy per 20 students HUB/Reserve
Recommended 1 copy per 40 students Short Loan
Further Reading Direct request required from Course Organiser – 1 copy purchased. Standard Loan

Please note that in order to align services, the Resource Lists Semester Two deadlines are the same as the e-reserve deadlines

There’s more information on the Resource Lists @ Edinburgh service on the IS website.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a short training session, please get in touch: Library.Learning@ed.ac.uk

Angela Laurins, Library Learning Services Manager

New for 2015/16: Use Resource Lists (Talis Aspire) to manage e-reserve, course (print reserve) & book recommendations

For session 2015/16 the Library is making it easier to request core teaching materials. We are Beta testing using Resource Lists @ Edinburgh (Talis Aspire) as a single contact point for processing e-reserve requests, course (print) reserve and book recommendations.

Please note, if you don’t want to provide the extra information via resource lists, you can continue to publish your lists and make e-reserve requests and book recommendations in the usual way.

The options described below are for Course Organisers who want to manage requests for e-reserve scans, course (print) reserve and book recommendations via their resource list(s).

There are two options for ALL Course Organisers creating NEW resource lists for session 2015/16:

Option 1. Create the resource list yourself using Talis Aspire, include the additional information requested by the Library and publish your list by *7th August*. The Library will process any e-reserve requests, course (print) reserve and book recommendations.

Option 2. Send your reading lists to the Library by *13th July*, provide the additional information requested and the Library will process any e-reserve requests, course (print) reserve and book recommendations and hand the list back to you to publish.

Existing Talis Aspire users are asked to review and republish their lists by *7th August* and to use ‘Note for Library’ on Talis Aspire to provide the additional information required by the Library. The Library will process any new e-reserve requests, course (print) reserve and book recommendations.

NB: Deadlines are for Semester One resource lists. We will circulate further deadlines for Semester two in due course.

Guidance on how to manage new and existing resource lists (using Talis Aspire) and the information required by the Library to process any e-reserve requests, course (print) reserve and book recommendations is provided on the website: http://www.ed.ac.uk/schools-departments/information-services/research-teaching-staff/resource-lists/using-resource-lists/overview

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Semester Two resource lists

Approximately 200 resource lists were published using Talis Aspire in time for the start of Semester One. Library staff now have a number of resource lists to create for Semester Two.

If you would like us to create a resource list for your course, and then hand it over to you for ongoing maintenance, please send your reading lists to IS.Helpline@ed.ac.uk by 28th November.

Please provide the course code (s), indicate how many students are expected and, if possible, prioritise the items on your list(s).

Please only send us lists you intend to publish for Semester Two classes. We will issue a request for reading lists for Session 2015/16 in the New Year.

As always, Library Learning Services is available for demos, training sessions and 1-2-1s.

If you’d like access to Resource list@ Edinburgh (using Talis Aspire) please email IS.helpline@ed.ac.uk