Send us your resource lists!

The Library is now accepting requests for new resource lists at any point in the year!

We’ll still have our annual deadlines to make sure your resource lists are ready in time for the start of each new semester, but now, to enable academics to send us lists whenever it’s convenient, we’ll create your resources lists (using Talis Aspire) at any time of year.

What information do we need?

For each resource list, we need:

  • a completed Resource List coversheet;
  • an annotated reading list or handbook with:
    • resources marked as ‘Essential’, ‘Recommended’ or ‘Further reading’;
    • any e-reserve requests highlighted;
    • any requests for specific editions, formats (print or electronic) or for additional copies if sufficient copies will not be provided using the default ratios.

What will the Library do?

We’ll create your resource list and, if the list is prioritised, process any e-reserve and course reserve requests. We’ll also make book recommendations based on the published ratios or on your notes provided. When the list is ready, we’ll hand it over to you for day-to-day management.

Send your lists to the Library

For more information, and to download the coversheet, visit the IS website: Resource Lists created by Library

When you’ve completed the coversheet and annotated your list, send them to

And, as usual, if you have any questions about resource lists, please get in touch.