How to add both print and ebook copies to your resource list

Often you’ll find that the library holds both print and ebook copies of the book you’d like to add to your resource list.

Rather than bookmarking each of these separately, we’d recommend finding both the print and ebook listings in DiscoverEd and adding them to a single bookmark.

Follow the steps below, and your bookmark will show students the Library holdings and also provide a link to the ebook – win-win!

  1. Click to bookmark the print copy as usual;
  2. Add a new ‘Web address’ field;
  3. In a new tab, open the ebook (‘Online access’) listing in DiscoverEd and click to open the link to the ebook;
  4. Copy the URL of the ebook and add it to the ‘Web address’ field in your bookmark;
  5. Check the ‘Online Resource’ box is ticked;
  6. Save the bookmark.

If you’d like any assistance with your resource list, please email us at: