Resource Lists reviews recap

This week, we’ve changed our reviews process, from automatically triggering a review every time you publish your list, to offering the option to have your list reviewed instead.

Why have we changed the process?

We hope that this will reduce the number of emails you receive from the Resource Lists service and lead to more focused attention on your list when you need it.

How do I request a review?

If you would like the Library to review your list, you can choose the option ‘Request review’; you will also be reminded that you have this option every time you publish your list.

There’s a short video showing how you can request a review here:

Requesting a review and publishing (video)

When should I request a review?

If you change the number of students on your course; request new acquisitions or ereserve in the ‘notes for library’ function; need your list to be linked to the hierarchy so you can add it to LEARN; or add new resources, we recommend sending your list for review to us. And if it’s a brand new list, we recommend selecting the ‘Review list’ option so we can give the list the once-over.

What will we do?

When we receive your review request, we will check prioritised items to see if the library holds enough copies and process any book recommendations for additional or new copies; check the ‘notes for library’ function; forward details of ‘Essential’ items to HUB; check links; and check the list is added to the hierarchy.

If you have any questions about reviews, please send us an email: