Resource Lists: what does the library do when I request a review?

The Library will be notified when you request a review of your list. When we receive your review request, we will:

  • use expected student numbers and the priorities assigned to each item to check if sufficient numbers of copies are held, and, if necessary, process book recommendations for new or additional copies;
  • check for ‘Notes for library’ added to your list and pass any requests for new or additional copies or ereserve scans to the relevant team;
  • forward details of ‘Essential’ items to HUB and reserve teams;
  • check the links on your Resource List;
  • check the list is correctly linked to the course hierarchy (enabling you to add your Resource List to LEARN).

In addition, when the list is newly-created by the Course Organiser, the Library review will:

  • check items on the Resource List against existing Library holdings;
  • review the structure of your Resource List.

When we’ve finished the review:

  • We will send the Course Organiser a summary of actions taken. This includes details of current library holdings, any book recommendations made or any changes to broken links.
  • If the Resource List hasn’t already been published, the Course Organiser should publish the Resource List when ready.
  • Course Organisers will be notified when any new acquisitions arrive and are expected to add any new acquisitions to their Resource List themselves.
  • Course Organisers may be contacted by other Library teams for clarification on ereserve requests or updates on book recommendations made.

If you have any questions about reviews, please email us at