When should I request a review for my Resource List?

This week, we’re covering different aspects of the review process, following the changes made to Resource Lists reviews on Monday: today we’re looking at when to request a review.

Course Organisers can request a review at any point throughout the academic year.

We recommend requesting a review if:

  • You have created a brand new Resource List;
  • You have added new resources to your Resource List;
  • You have changed the number of expected students;
  • You expect the Library to take action: for example, when you have added a ‘Note for library’ to request new or additional copies of (e)books, or ereserve scans;
  • You would like the Library to check the links on your Resource List and/or the Resource List’s structure;
  • You would like your Resource List to be linked to the course hierarchy (required to use the Resource List tool in LEARN).

If you are making minor updates to your list or editing the text, publish your list as usual without requesting a review.

If you have any questions about the changes to the review process, please email: library.learning@ed.ac.uk