Resource Lists: what is a review and how do I request one?

Course Organisers can ask the Library to review their Resource List throughout the academic year.

What is a review?

When a review is requested for a Resource List, the Library will check the list and any ‘notes for library’ you’ve added, make sure we have enough copies of core readings, pass on any ereserve requests or book recommendations to the relevant teams and notify HUB and reserve teams.

It is the responsibility of the Course Organiser to request a review if they would like the Library to take action. If only a few minor changes have been made to the list, and no follow up action is required from the Library, no review request is required.

How do I request a review?

Each time you publish your Resource List, you will be reminded that you have the option to request a review.

It is also possible to request a review without publishing a Resource List by selecting ‘Review List’ from the ‘Review’ options.

Watch a short video demonstration of how to request a review and publish

If you have any questions or feedback about the review process, please email us at: