The Resource Lists review process – update

This week, we’ll be explaining more about the new review process on our blog – keep an eye out for more updates.

If you’ve been publishing your lists in the past couple of months, you’ll have noticed that this automatically triggers a ‘review’, sending an email to the Library Learning Services team to check your list. Sometimes, this can result in a spiral of automatically-generated review-related emails cluttering your inbox.

As the semester is now well underway, and the deadline for requesting new books through Resource Lists @ Edinburgh has passed, we’ve decided to switch this automatic review process off.

Manually request a review

You can still request a review of your list by selecting the ‘Review’ button on your list and choosing the option ‘Review List’. Each time you publish your Resource List, you will also be reminded that you have the option of requesting a review.

Both options will result in the Library being notified: we’ll check your lists and act on any ‘notes to library’ that you may have added.

Hopefully, this will result in fewer automated emails sent to you about reviews and more focused attention on your list, when you want it.

If you have any feedback on the review process, send us an email at: