Your book requests have arrived!

Course Organisers, the book and ebook requests made as a part of resource lists service have been arriving over the past few weeks.

You should have received notification from the Library letting you know that a new title, additional copy or ebook has arrived.

Please don’t forget to add new (e)books to your resource lists for your students to find and use.

Good news: if additional copies of a book on your resource list have arrived, you don’t have to do anything (provided the new copies are the same edition).

New acquisitions

If it’s a new acquisition, the (e)book will need to be added to your resource list. If you would like to do this, find the book on DiscoverEd and use the bookmarklet button in your browser toolbar to add the new (e)book to the list.

If not, we’re currently working our way through the list of new acquisitions and adding new items to your resource lists, so you can expect to hear from us in due course.

It’s a long list!

We’d encourage you to add the new titles yourself: remember to publish your resource list to make the changes live.

It’s really easy to add a new bookmark to your list; our how-to guide can be found on the Resource Lists website:

If you have any questions about adding new (e)books to a resource list, please get in touch.

Sarah Ames, Library Learning Services Assistant