Resource Lists top 5

The final figures are in, and we now have statistical proof that it has been a busy year for the Library Learning Services Team – and Resource Lists @ Edinburgh users.

The total number of published resource lists, at last count, was 490, with 20 schools represented; Literatures, Languages and Cultures tops the list as the School with the most lists, followed closely by History, Classics and Archaeology and Moray House School of Education.

Top 5 Resource Lists

We’ve looked at Google Analytics to find out number of page views and total clicks on individual list items, and after some mathematical magic our top 5 most-used resource lists from last semester comes out as follows:

  1. Sociology 1A (The Sociological Imagination: Individuals and Society)
  2. American History 2 (Semester 1: Tutorial reading lists)
  3. History of Art 1A (Art at the Crossroads of World Cultures)
  4. Politics in a Changing World
  5. Social Anthropology 1A

It’s been a pretty close race, however, and a lot of lists have a healthy number of views. The top 10 lists all have over 200 students enrolled – so it comes as no surprise that these lists are some of most viewed.

Using the Dashboard to monitor use of your list

If you’d like to take a look at the numbers for your course, have a look at the Dashboard. On each list, you’ll see a green button, next to ‘Table of Contents’, which will take you to the figures.

Here, you can see the number of page views, total clicks and number of clicks on each item on the list, as well as how many annotations students are making and suggested improvements for your entries.

If you have any feedback about what students think about Resource Lists, or if you’d like to see the Google Analytics figures relating to your list, we’d love to hear from you: email

Sarah Ames, Library Learning Services Assistant