Acquisitions generated from Resource Lists

The Library has been working hard to meet student expectations by buying more of the books on course reading lists. Using the Resource List service lets us know what the core texts are.

As result, it’s been a bumper year for new book requests coming from Resource Lists. Over the course of 2015/16, Resource Lists have generated around 1,400 book recommendations.

That’s up to 4,800 new books, additional copies or ebooks available to students.

New books now added to Resource Lists

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been working our way through the long list of new acquisitions and adding links to them to your Resource Lists.

If you’ve had an email from us letting you know that we’ve added new items, please remember to publish your list so that your students can see the changes!

Update your lists

While we try to help by adding links to new books, we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to do this quickly.

So, when you receive an email notifying you that new books are available, please remember to update your Resource List by adding a new bookmark; then republish your list to make the change live.

There are some helpful guides about editing and updating your lists on our webpages:

User guides webpages

How the Library decides what to buy

For more information about the criteria we use to determine what to buy, have a look at the IS website:

Resource Lists webpages

If you have any questions about the Resource List service, please email