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New! Resource Lists quick guides for course organisers

We’ve just published a couple of new quick guides to help course organisers edit their Resource Lists and manage course reading:

Edit your Resource List

This guide will show you how to:

  1. Add a new resource to your list
  2. Delete resources on your list
  3. Move resources on your list
  4. Send your list to the Library for review

Manage your course reading

This guide will show you how to:

  1. Add a new resource to your list
  2. Request a book purchase
  3. Request book moves to HUB or Reserve
  4. Request a copyright-compliant digitisation

We’ll be creating short videos and adding more quick guides to the website over the next few months, so keep an eye out for those!

For more information about Resource Lists, you can have a look at the other user guides on our website.


We’re also running Resource Lists workshops over the next few months – full details in our earlier blog post.

If the dates don’t suit and you’d like to arrange a school-based workshop, demo, Q&A or 1-2-1, please get in touch with



Resource Lists Workshops

We run Resource Lists workshops for academic staff, learning technologists and course administrators.

In preparation for 2019/2020 we are running a series of two workshops; one for beginners and another for more experienced users of Resource Lists.

Getting started workshops

Getting started workshops are aimed at new users or Course Organisers who would like to refresh their knowledge of Resource Lists. By the end of this workshop you will:

  1. Be able to set up your own Resource List
  2. Know how to use your Resource List to:
    • Manage the purchase of new or additional copies of books
    • Request copyright compliant scans
    • Request book moves to HUB/Reserve

Beyond the basics

Beyond the basics. This workshop is aimed at Course Organisers who already have a Resource Lists and focuses on how to edit a list and use it to request Library materials for teaching. By the end of this workshop you will:

  1. Understand how the Library uses Resource Lists to provide access to key texts
  2. Be able add, delete and move items on your Resource List
  3. Know how to use your Resource List to:
    • Manage the purchase of new or additional copies of books
    • Request copyright-compliant scans
    • Request book moves to HUB/Reserve
  4. Be aware of the key Resource Lists features for students


Workshops will be held April– July either in the Main Library or in Argyle House and can be booked via MyEd.

Resource Lists (Leganto) Getting started: how to set up a Resource List for your course

Resource Lists (Leganto): Beyond the basics: How to edit your list and use it to request new books and copyright-compliant digitisations for teaching

School-based sessions, one-to-ones and refresher training

We’re also happy to come to you and can arrange school-based workshops, Q&A sessions, one-to-ones or refresher sessions to fit around Course Organisers’ schedules.

If the dates don’t suit and you’d like to arrange a school-based workshop, demo, Q&A or 1-2-1, please get in touch with

Resource Lists Week question of the day: how do I find my resource list?

Thank you to everyone who came to chat at the Murray Library today! The thing we probably got asked most was nice and straightforward: how do I find my resource list?

There’s two ways to get to your resource list: from your course Learn page or the Resource Lists homepage:

However, not all courses have resource lists! If you’re not sure, speak to your course organiser or contact Library Learning Services ( and we can check for you. Course organisers can contact Library Learning Services at any time if they would like to start using Resource Lists.

Learn (and Moodle)

The labels might be slightly different depending on your course but, to find your resource list, go to the Learn page for your course and:

  1. Click on ‘Resource List’ in the navigation panel on the left, then
  2. Click on the ‘Resource List’ link, which takes you to to actual list








A small number of courses use Moodle – if there’s a resource list, the course page will also include a link!

The Resource Lists Homepage is where you can find every single published resource list. You can see the resource lists for your own courses, but also have a look at related courses or perhaps get an idea of next year’s reading. You can search for a list by course/list title, code code, or the name of the course organiser.




It’s Resource Lists Week 2019!

The Library Learning Services team have been allowed out of the office and we’re on tour all next week. Here’s the schedule:

Monday 11am – 1pm: Main Library

Tuesday 11am – 1pm: Murray Library

Wednesday 11am – 1pm: Chrystal Macmillan Building

Thursday 11am – 1pm: 50 George Square (TBC)

Friday 11am – 1pm: Main Library

We’ll be available to answer any of your questions about resource lists. We’ll also have our laptops, so we’ll do our best to sort out any issues and give you some tips on using your lists.

There will also be sweets, our beautiful crocheted bunting, and some brand new freebies. And… 10 x £10 book vouchers to give away! Very exciting. Come and say hello.

Quick Resource Lists checklist for Semester 2

The Library is on working on Semester 2 Resource Lists and we hope to have all lists completed before the festive break. There are now approximately 1800 resource lists published for courses offered in 2018/2019.

Semester 2 Checklist

Course Organisers, in order to make sure your resource list and the library resources on the list are available to students in Semester 2, can you take a few minutes to check the following:

1.If you have been editing your list and would like the Library to purchase any new or additional books or ebooks or provide any copyright compliant scans, please remember to use the ‘Send List’ button at the top of your list. If you don’t send your list, we won’t take any action. Please note, if you’ve not made any changes to your Semester 2 list or don’t want the Library to take action, you don’t need to send your list.

2. If you have recently taken over teaching a course – please check if there is already a resource list available and published. You can do this by going to and searching by course code or title or by contacting us: 

Course administrators, if you are aware of any changes to courses or Course Organisers, please let us know.

3. Finally, please make sure you enable the link your list on your Learn course– this is how we expect students to access their Resource Lists. There is a ‘Resource List’ link on the menu in Learn, this is not visible to students unless you make it visible.

You can use ‘student preview’ mode to check you’ve enabled the link to your resource list, you’ll be able to follow the link in the menu and see the Resource List link and icon in the content area.

NB you won’t be able to link through to the resource list in student preview mode (this is expected behaviour) but as long as you can see the link, it should be working.

There is guidance on linking from Learn to your Resource List on the Library website here:

If you have any questions or need any help preparing your resource list for Semester 2, please contact

Semester 2 deadlines announced

22nd October 2018 

29th October 2018

We will still build new lists and review lists beyond these dates, but may not be able to guarantee that new purchases will arrive or scans will be ready in time for the start of semester 2 teaching.

Course organisers, If you would like the Library to provide a Semester 2 Resource List, please send us your annotated list using the online form by Monday 22nd October.

Alternatively, if you’re working on your Semester 2 Resource List yourself, please publish and use the ‘Send List’ button  to request a review by Monday 29th October. Remember to prioritise items on your list using the ‘Essential’, ‘Recommended’ and ‘Further reading’ tags. To request e-reserve scans, use the ‘Digitisation’ tag and ‘Library discussion’ to provide page numbers or chapter details of pages you’d like scanned.

We’re also running some bookable workshops throughout October. These sessions rarely last the full two hours and are an opportunity to refresh your knowledge of Leganto and ask us any questions you have about Resource Lists and/or Leganto.

9th October 10-12pm:

15th October 2-4pm:

18th October 10-12pm:

24th Oct 2018 (14:00-16:00):  

You’ll find more information on using the Resource List service on the Information Services website:  and regular updates on the Resource Lists blog: http://libraryblogs/resourcelists

Please contact if you have any questions about Resource Lists or would like to arrange a school-based information session or workshop.

Angela Laurins, Library Learning Services

Resource Lists Survey 2018 – now open!

Tell us what you think about resource lists

In 2017/18 we implemented Leganto (our new resource lists platform). One year on, we’d like to find out how we’re doing.

What do you like/dislike about the service or system? How can we make the service better? Is the Library meeting the needs of you and your students in the provision of course materials?

We’d be grateful if you would take 10 minutes to complete a short survey to help us improve our service.

The Resource Lists survey is available here:

If you would like to arrange a Resource Lists demonstration, workshop or refresher session, or if you have question about the service, please email

Resource Lists: Semester 1 Deadline 9th July

The deadline for sending your reading lists to the Library is fast approaching. Course organisers and tutors, send us your lists using the online form by end of Monday 9th July.

As well as converting your current reading list to an online Resource List using Leganto, we’ll check all current library holdings, process any new or additional purchases, provide e-reserve scans and move items to HUB/Reserve.

The ISG website also has details on how the Library is using Resource Lists to manage the provision of key reading materials.

Building your own resource list?

If you’re building your own lists for 2018/19, remember to use ‘Send List’ to send the list to the Library for review by 23rd July. There is a 10 step guide to using Resource Lists to help you get started.

If you’ve not used Resource Lists (Leganto) before or would like a refresher there is one final Resource Lists workshop on Wednesday 11th  July 2-4pm Book via MyEd

If you would like to arrange a school or subject based information session or workshop, please contact 

Semester 2 lists

Deadlines for Semester 2 will be circulated in October. However, if you have a semester 2 list ready, we are happy to start working on it sooner rate than later.

Resource Lists workshops


Library Learning Services is running a series of resource lists workshops throughout June and July . All workshops will be held in Room EW 10, Argyle House.

Book via MyEd for the following dates:

6 June (1400-1600)

14 June (1000-1200)

18 June (1400-1600)

21 June (1000-1200)

3 July (1000-1200)

11 July (1400-1600)

If the dates don’t suit and you’d like to arrange a school-based workshop, demo, Q&A or 1-2-1, please get in touch with

Alternatively, have a look at the workshop presentation and Ten step guide to getting started with Resource Lists or find out more about the Resource List service on the IS webiste.


Resource Lists: New in June

In response to feedback, this month there’s a new option for course organisers and students to choose a compact view of the list, so that more citations fit on a screen.

New! Compact list view

To condense the citations, click on the compact view button at the top of the list. Then click on this button again to see the citations in the fuller format.

Very handy for smaller screens! Here’s what it looks like:

Standard view:

Compact view:


Collapsed list view

Another way to change the appearance of the list is to use the toggle section view option. Click the button at the top of the list to see, at a glance, the different sections and how many items are in each section (in brackets).

To open a  section to see all the citations and access resources, click on the little arrow to the right of the section title. This makes long lists with lots of sections more manageable!

Collapsed view:

Expanded view:


Choose a item type

When you create your own citation, you can select the item type. There are different data fields for different formats (for example, if you choose  ‘book chapter’ item type, you can add in the page numbers for the start and end of the chapter). This month, there’s a new option to add a score:


More information

We’re running workshops over the summer for academics, learning technologists and course administrators: bring your course reading list along and turn it into a fully-functioning resource list! More details and booking here:

We’ve also got user guides on our website:

If you have any comments or queries about Resource Lists, please get in touch with Library Learning Services at