What is My Collection?

One of the new features in Leganto is My Collection, which you can use to collect and organise your own resources.

This material might be from other resource lists, the Library, or anywhere online. Once you’ve added items to your collection, you can tag the resources, add notes, suggest an item is added to a resource list, and export a list of items in your chosen citation style.

Add items to My Collection

There’s a few different ways you can add material to your collection: from another resource list, using the ‘add item’ button within My Collection, or by using Leganto’s ‘Cite it!’ button from your browse’s favourites toolbar.

For more information about adding items to My Collection, have a look at the user guides on the Resource Lists website.

Resource Lists website – User guides

What can I do with the items in My Collection?

At the top of the screen, you’ve got options to sort, filter (by tag) and search your collection.

Adding tags to your items might be a useful way to organise your reading.

For example, you might want to organise your seminar reading for each week or allocate a resource to a specific chapter of your dissertation. Once you’ve added a tag, you can then filter your list so that only items with that tag will appear.

Your tags are private and won’t be seen by other Resource Lists users, even if the item appears on another list!

Suggest an item

If you’ve come across something that isn’t on a resource list – but you’ve found it useful and it adds something to your other reading – you have an option to suggest an item. (Students: you can only do this for your own course lists or other lists that you follow.) This sends a notification to the course organiser that a new item has been suggested for inclusion on a list.

Export in your chosen citation style

You can also export a list of the items in your collection in your preferred citation style. To do this, select which items you’d like to export, then click on ‘Export to Word’ and pick your citation style from the drop-down menu.

If you have any comments or queries about Resource Lists, please get in touch with Library Learning Services at library.learning@ed.ac.uk

Louise Dutnell
Course Collections Assistant