Resource Lists: new features!

Now that Leganto has been live for a few weeks, you might have come across some features that the previous system didn’t have. We thought we’d highlight the new options to like and discuss items, as well as the feature which allows students (or other people using resource lists) to suggest items for inclusion on a list.

Like and discuss items

If you click on an item on a resource list, on the right-hand section of the screen you’ll see a like button and a discussion box.

When a student accesses their resource list via LEARN or Moodle (or logs into the Resource Lists homepage), they will be able to like an item or start a discussion.

Suggest items for a list

I’ve you’ve come across something – on another resource list or from your own reading – you can suggest that it gets added to a resource list. First, add the item into My Collection. Then you can click on the options button (the three dots to the right of the item) and select Suggest this item.

Select the list for your suggestion then click on add suggestion – the course organiser who owns that resource list will receive a notification with your suggestion.

If you have any questions or comments about resource lists, please email

Louise Dutnell
Course Collections Assistant