Request a review of your Resource List – one week until 18th July deadline

Course organises, if you’re using Talis Aspire to create your Resource List yourself, request a review for your resource list on or before 18th July

Why it’s important to request a review
The Library is not notified automatically when a list is published. It’s up to you to let us know you’ve published your list!

If you don’t request a review, the library won’t check your resource list, process book orders, move books to HUB/Reserve or process e-reserve scans.

You have to request a review if you want the Library to check that we have sufficient copies of core texts, process any book orders for new or additional copies, move items to HUB/Reserve and check that electronic access is available.

If you have used ‘Note for Library’ to request e-reserve scans or provide any information about the texts on your list, you need to request a review so we can act on this information.

Request a review when:

  • You have created a brand new Resource List;
  • You have added new resources to your Resource List;
  • You have changed the number of expected students on the course;
  • You have added a ‘Note for library’ to request new or additional copies of (e)books;
  • You have added a ‘Note for library’ to request ereserve scans.
  • You would like the Library to check the links on your Resource List and/or the Resource List’s structure;
  • You would like your Resource List to be linked to the course hierarchy (required to use the Resource List tool in LEARN).

How to request a review
You can request a review before or after you publish your Resource List.

After you publish
You can request a review when your list is published by selecting ‘Request review’ from the ‘Review’ drop-down menu at the top of your Resource List.

Before you publish
Each time you publish your Resource List, you will be reminded that you have the option to request a review. You can also request a review In ‘Edit’ mode using the link on the right under the ‘Publish’ and ‘save draft’ options.

Don’t request a review if….
If you’ve only made a few minor changes to your list, and no follow up action is required from the Library, then you don’t have to request a review.

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Angela Laurins, Library Learning Services Manager