Two weeks to send the Library your Reading Lists!

A wee reminder to Course Organisers that you have two weeks to send your Reading Lists to the Library to turn into beautifully formatted Resource Lists using Talis Aspire. The deadline for sending your Semester one lists to us is Monday 4th July.

Please annotate your reading lists by prioritising resources using Essential, Recommended or Further reading and highlight any e-reserve (scanning) requests and send your lists with a completed coversheet to 

We will order new or additional copies of book (or ebooks) based on published ratios, process scans and move books to HUB or Reserve.

The coversheet is available to download on the Information Services website (along with more information about the Resource List service and how the library will order books):

Check out the 10 things you need to know about using the Resource List service.

If you prefer to create your own Resource Lists you should submit your list for review by 18th July.

More information:

Help and workshops

Book onto our last workshop on 4th July:

Come along to a lunchtime drop-in session:

Or get in touch to arrange a 1-2-1:

Please note we will confirm deadlines for Semester two lists in due course (likely early November).

Angela Laurins, Library Learning Services Manager