Resource Lists: summer deadlines and ‘rollover’

We’ll soon be circulating information about this year’s ‘rollover’ – the annual update when existing Resource Lists for the current academic year are copied over to the next academic year, 2016/17.

If you’ve made changes, submit your list for review by 18 July

Course Organisers creating their own lists should submit them for review by 18 July if there are changes that that the Library needs to act on.

This might be if there’s been an increase in student numbers; if you have new scan requests; or if you’ve added new resources to your list and you’d like the Library to purchase new or additional copies.

Submitting a review by 18 July gives the Library as much time as possible to process any book orders and E-reserve requests.

Of course, you can continue to submit lists for review after this deadline, and we will do our best to fulfil requests, but they will not be prioritised.

How to request a review

Guidance about when you should ask for a review, and how to request one, is available on our webpages:

Request a Library review of your list

Please contact us at if you have any questions about the rollover or reviews process.