Resource Lists @ Edinburgh: Open Season

Univeristy of Ediburgh LogoLibrary Learning Services are now accepting reading lists for the 2015/16 academic year.

If you have a reading list that you would like to see transformed into an interactive resource list at we can do this for you!

While creating your list, we also provide you with a summary of the items on your list, books, journals and articles, with information on how many are held and at what locations. This means you can see in advance where additional materials might need to be ordered or moved into reserved/short loan sections of the library.

If you would like to send us your reading list there are a few important pieces of information that will help us provide you with the best possible service:

Required information for Resource List creation (PDF)

Interested in creating your own list?

We have created a detailed User Guide: Resource Lists using Talis Aspire (PDF)  to help you get started and a series of Shorter Guides that focus in on; specific tasks within Resource Lists, functions available within Resource Lists, tips, tricks, and handy information.


Library Learning Services are again running Resource List training workshops in May and June.

Sessions will include a brief overview of Resource Lists using Talis Aspire followed by a hands-on workshop. Attendees will be able to start creating their own Resource Lists and have the opportunity to find out more about managing lists using Talis Aspire.

Dates are shown below and will shortly be available to book via MyEd:

– Wednesday 13th May 2-4pm

– Thursday 21st May 10-12noon

– Wednesday 3rd June 10-12 noon

– Monday 15th June 2-4pm

If you can’t make these sessions

If you are interested in Resource Lists @ Edinburgh but can’t attend any of the sessions above, please get in touch. We are happy to arrange alternative training sessions for individuals or small groups.

More information on how to make the most of Resource Lists can be found on the Resource Lists using Talis Aspire webpage and the ResourceLists@Edinburgh Blog.


Stephanie Farley

Library Learning Services Assistant