Tuesday Tips – Sharing Bookmarks

Univeristy of Ediburgh LogoDid you know that you can share bookmarks that you have created with your colleagues?

When you create a bookmark, either to add directly to a resource list or for later use, all bookmarks are saved to your ‘My Bookmarks’ tab in Resource Lists @ Edinburgh. To share these with your colleagues requires just a few quick steps.

1. Go to the ‘My Bookmarks’ tab in Resource Lists @ Edinburgh.

2. Select/Tick which bookmarks you would like to share.

3. Click on the ‘Export’ button and select ‘Export citations’ from the drop down menu. The citations will then download to your computer as a .ris file.

Export Bookmarks4. Locate the .ris file on your computer and send this to your colleague.

5. Your colleague can then import the bookmarks by going to their own ‘My Bookmarks’ page,  clicking on ‘Add bookmark’ and selecting ‘Import citations’.

Further details on importing and exporting bookmarks as .ris files can be found in our guide How to import bookmarks from your citation management software (EndNote/RefWorks/Zotero)

More information on how to make the most of Resource Lists can be found on the Resource Lists using Talis Aspire webpage and the ResourceLists@Edinburgh Blog.


Stephanie Farley

Library Learning Services Assistant