Send us your reading lists

Univeristy of Ediburgh LogoOur two Resource Lists interns, Katrin and Gemma, are doing a fantastic job and are speeding through the reading lists we have asked to transfer onto

This means we need more lists!

Whether you have started creating your own lists and would like help with additional lists, or if you have been interested in Resource Lists but not yet had the time to create one yourself, now is the perfect time to send us your lists.

Having Katrin and Gemma available to enter reading list information into Resource Lists @ Edinburgh is a fantastic resource for staff to utilise and is only available for the next four weeks, so do please do make use of this opportunity.

This service also includes providing a summary of the items on your list, books, journals and articles, with information on how many are held and at what locations. This means you can see in advance where additional materials might need to be ordered or moved into reserved/short loan sections of the library.

If you would like to send us your reading list there are a few important pieces of information that will help us provide you with the best possible service:

Required information for Resource List creation (PDF)

More information on how to make the most of Resource Lists can be found on the Resource Lists using Talis Aspire webpage and the ResourceLists@Edinburgh Blog.


Stephanie Farley

Library Learning Services Assistant