Bookmarking E-Reserve Articles/Chapters

Univeristy of Ediburgh LogoThe process of linking E-reserve articles hosted on a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) such as Learn or Moodle on your resource list  is fairly simple. Remember, if at any stage you feel you require assistance by all means get in touch with us at

When creating a bookmark link to an E-reserve article within any VLE, it’s important to provide that clear guidance is provided to students. In order to read an article provided in any of the University’s virtual learning environments, a student needs to be:

a) enrolled into that specific class and
b) logged into the environment.

Below is an example of the information that needs to be provided for student’s accessing an article in LEARN, we recommend adding this text somewhere towards the top of your resource list. :

Learn Chapters/Articles
– Please note that some articles/chapters are provided for you on LEARN. Ensure that  you are logged into LEARN before attempting to read the article. If you are not enrolled for this course on LEARN you will not be able to access the article.
– Click on the blue ‘Online Resource’ button to go directly to the article.
– If the book is available in the Library you can find more information by clicking on the
title of the book in red text.

We also recommend adding the below text in the Student Note for any bookmarked resource that will be provided as an E-reserve item via a VLE.

Please note this article/chapter has been provided for you on LEARN.

When creating a bookmark for an E-reserve article or book chapter please select the item type as ‘document’. This will ensure that Library Learning Staff can quickly and easily identify E-reserve items and also allows students to filter by item type if they want to focus on E-reserve articles.

Creating a bookmark for an E-Reserve item

1. Bookmark from the Library catalogue the book your E-reserve article/chapter will be taken
from and add this to your list.

2. In the ‘Note for student’ section include the page/chapter details of the E-reserve item and
the following text, “Please note this article/chapter has been provided for you on LEARN.” (swap out LEARN for whichever platform being used by your School).

3. In the ‘Note for library’ section include the following text, “E-Reserve – When URL is available please edit the metadata and add ‘Web Address’ ‘ and enter the E-reserve URL for the chapter/article. Ensure that the ‘Online Resource’ button is ticked.”


 4. Once E-reserve provide you with the URL for your article/chapter, go back in and edit the metadata of your bookmark.

5. Click on the drop down box ‘Add field’, select ‘Web address’ and ‘Add’.

6. Cut and paste the E-reserve URL into the web address, then save (remembering to tick the ‘online resource’ box).


The ‘Note for Student’ will be visible on the saved draft of your list and to students once the list has been published. However, the ‘Note for library’ will only be visible in ‘Edit’ mode and to the Library Learning Services team.


Additional guides and information can be found on the Resource Lists using Talis Aspire webpage and the ResourceLists@Edinburgh Blog.

We are also running four ‘Hands-on’ introductory sessions to Resource Lists @ Edinburgh this June & July. Sessions are bookable via MyEd.


Stephanie Farley

Library Learning Services Assistant