Resource Lists: new list view

New List view

We’ve changed the default view of Resource Lists so when you go to a Resource List you’ll see the section headings listed instead of all the citations.

We think this will make it easier for students to find the relevant readings for their week or topic of study and, as there are fewer citations in a section, it will load quicker than a full list.

Toggle to expand or collapse your Resource List

You may have noticed this toggle icon at the top of your Resource List .

This icon allows you to collapse and expand your Resource List and toggle between two views:

  1. Sections headings (‘collapsed’ view)
  2. Full list view

The collapsed view looks like this:

The ‘collapsed’ list view displays section headings and shows the number of citations in each section. To view the items in the section click on the heading. Click on the heading again to close the section.

To expand the list and see all the citations on the list click on the toggle icon .

Student help

There is a short video and guide for students highlighting some key features which will help them use their Resource Lists. Students can find the guide and video under the ‘Useful Links’ on their Resource Lists.