Managing your bookmarks in preparation for the move to Leganto

As part of the move from Talis Aspire, the Library will copy all published resource lists from 2016/17 to the new reading list system, Leganto. We’ll also copy archived lists, lists with no time period (Vet school) and any lists you’ve let us know you’d like transferred.

Resource lists will be copied bookmarks won’t

The complete published resource lists WILL be copied, but the individual bookmarks that course organisers have saved will NOT be copied automatically to the new system. Bookmarks are the resources you save to add to a list. You see these on the right of the screen when you’re creating a list.

Most of your bookmarks will already be in use on a resource list. You only have to follow the guidance below IF you have bookmarks that you have kept to add to a resource list at a later date and want to copy these to the new reading list system.

Copy your bookmarks

If you have bookmarks that you would like to move to Leganto, please follow the guidance below to take a copy of the bookmarks before Monday 10th July.  There will be no access to Talis Aspire after this date.

Here’s how:
1. Log in to your existing the Resource Lists @ Edinburgh account at: using your EASE login.

2. Select “My Bookmarks” from the options at the top

3. Tick the top checkbox on the left-hand side to select all your bookmarks.

  • Alternatively you might want to only export selected bookmarks by clicking only the checkboxes of those items you want to export.

4 A) Click on the Action blue button on the top right.

4 B) From the drop-down menu that appears select Export Citations.

You now have a .ris file containing all your selected bookmarks. Keep this file.

Once you have access to your reading lists in Leganto, you can use the .ris file to import your current bookmarks into ‘My Collection’ in Leganto.

There’s short video (1.47) demonstrating how you would import your .ris file to a resource list:

Using Leganto, Course organisers and students have the option to add resources (citations) to ‘My Collection’ where they can add tags and make notes.

Please contact if you have any questions.