Library selects new reading list system




Procurement Project
Over the last few months, Library & University Collections, with support from IS Applications, has been carrying out a procurement project to select a reading list system. This was necessary as the contract with our existing supplier, Talis, is coming to an end in July and, in order to comply with procurement regulations, we were obliged to look at all viable systems on the market.

Following a thorough and rigorous evaluation process which involved representatives from all key stakeholder groups, including academic staff and students and colleagues from across ISG, the contract was awarded to the highest scored supplier; Ex Libris with their reading list system, Leganto.

Benefits of Leganto
Leganto offers an intuitive interface for both Course Organisers and students, providing more opportunities for students to engage with their resource lists and for Course Organisers to liaise more easily with the Library in the provision of course materials. Leganto will also allow the Library to be more efficient in its support of a growing resource list service.

Resource Lists for 2017/18
The project team is working on implementing Leganto and will migrate existing resource lists to the new system, so that when Leganto is launched in June, resource lists will be ready for review and for students to use well in advance of the start of Semester 1 2017/18.

We’ll make our usual announcements in May/June asking Course Organisers to send us their Semester 1 reading lists. Training sessions and new guidance will also be made available in due course. Please keep an eye on the Resource List blog for updates:

More about Resource Lists @ Edinburgh
The Resource Lists service provides online reading lists (we call them, ‘Resource Lists’ to reflect the range of materials made available to students). Students can access their resource list via their course in Learn or Moodle, providing easy access to key readings in a consistent and reliable way.  Academic teaching staff will save time by using the Resource List service to manage the provision of course reading materials. There’s more information about the Resource List service on the ISG website:

More about Leganto
The Leganto reading list system is supplied by Ex Libris who also provide DiscoverEd and the backend Library management system we use, Alma. Leganto is a new system, but there is a growing list of UK libraries using it including, Imperial College, Kingston University and Abertay University. We’re looking forward to working with Ex Libris to deliver a reading list solution that best meets the needs of staff and students at the University of Edinburgh.

Find out more about Leganto:

If you have any questions about Resource Lists @ Edinburgh, please contact