Resource Lists Rollover 2016: what you need to know

On Friday 3rd June, Library Learning Services will rollover your 2015/16 Resource Lists to 2016/17.

Course Organisers …

Publish any unpublished changes to your Resource Lists by 5pm on Thursday 2nd June (the evening before).

If not, any unpublished changes WILL NOT rollover. In order to avoid this happening, we will go through and publish any unpublished changes.

Please do not edit your list during the rollover period from 9am on Friday 3rd June until 10am on 6th June. Any changes made during this period may be lost. If rollover is complete by end of Friday, we’ll let you know by circulating an update the mailing list and posting on the blog.

Avoid requesting a review during the rollover period.

• Your current 2015/16 Resource List will still be available after Rollover.

• Your new 2016/17 Resource List will be rolled over as published, so you will not have to republish your list.

• You are strongly encouraged to review your Resource List for 2016/17 and, if there are significant changes or you’ve added new items to the list, request a review by 18th July.There’s more information about when to request a review on the IS website.

• If you don’t request a review, your list won’t be automatically checked for new book orders or e-reserve requests.

No longer responsible for a course?  Let us know  and we’ll update the list with the new course organiser’s details.

If you have any questions about rollover or Resource Lists, please get in touch.

A wee reminder that during May-July we’re running lunchtime drop in sessions and a series of workshops (bookable via MyEd).

Angela Laurins, Library Learning Services Manager