DiscoverEd goes live: update on Resource Lists @Edinburgh

The Library launched its new discovery service, DiscoverEd on Tuesday 30th June. DiscoverEd replaced both the Library Catalogue and Searcher, as well as the ejournal portal.

Resource Lists updated
Items on your resource lists have been updated and should now link to item records in DiscoverEd.

We have completed a series of initial checks and are happy that most of the items linking to library holdings have updated successfully.

Bookmarking resources from DiscoverEd
We are also happy that bookmarking resources from the new DiscoverEd service works as expected. Bookmarking resources from DiscoverEd works in the same way as bookmarking from the old Library Catalogue and Searcher.

Find the item you want to add to your list, click on the record title to open the record and use your bookmark tool to add to your resource list. If multiple versions of a book are available, you should select the version/edition you want to add to your list.

Journal articles
Find a journal article using DiscoverEd (either search using the Simple/Advanced Search or use the ejournals A-Z) click ‘View online’ and navigate to the journal’s website and bookmark from there.

Our task-focused guides on the website will be updated shortly. Keep an eye on the blog for further updates.

As with any major system change, there are a few niggles to fix. Please bear with us while we work through these to make sure all your resource lists are working as expected.

In the meantime, please review your lists and if you do notice anything unexpected or experience any issues bookmarking resources on DiscoverEd, contact the Library Learning Services team by emailing the