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January 1987

No Condoms, Alcohol, or Principals: The New Year finds the University making new appointments, hosting more boycotts, and experiencing more shortages! Read more below….


15 January, 1987: New Year, New Uni!

  • Student reports that the University will soon welcome¬†a new Principal in the new year, with Professor Sir John Burnett being replaced with Professor Sir David Smith, who was previously a department head at the University of Oxford.
  • The World Debating Championships were hosted by University College Dublin this year, with the University of Edinburgh advancing as far as the semi finals, a significant accomplishment. However it was Glasgow University which ultimately won the title of World Champions, against the stiff competition of Swarthmore College, University of Sydney, and Cambridge University.
  • Potterrow gets a makeover with a new dance floor and lighting system, which debuted this week. EUSA officials are hoping this new look will help spike popularity for the club nights hosted in building on Saturday nights, now in the 21st century known as “The Big Cheese.”

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22 January, 1987: Condom and Alcohol shortages for EUSA!

  • The Chamber’s Street University Building, previously used by EUSA but which now is home to the Estates Office, lost its late-night drinking license due to noise complaints from the surrounding residences.
  • AUT threaten to boycott marking exam papers, if their demands for better pay for lecturers are not met by the Education Board. Student reports that there is great fear among students that they may graduate from University without a degree, due to their exams not being marked.
  • The Edinburgh University Liberal Club sent a strongly worded letter to EUSA this week, expressing their “horror” that there seemed to be a shortage of “jumbo strength” condoms in all EUSA venues where such things are provided via toilet-located vending machines.

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29 January, 1987: Mandela for President!

  • The Student Representative Council passed a motion last week approving the appointment of Nelson Mandela as Honorary President of EUSA, however some believe this may not be allowed, given that the EUSA rules state an Honorary President may only be appointed if “significant contribution to the University students” is made by the appointed individual.
  • Student pledges to attach a free condom to every Midweek issue in the forthcoming week as part of a campaign to raise awareness of protection against AIDS
  • Edinburgh Nightline Society were granted two rooms in Pleasance to operate all night as “walk-in centres” to aid the society’s goal of providing all-night anonymous counselling to University of Edinburgh students.

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