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Featured: March 1988

Spring has sprung in Edinburgh, with an exciting election for rector taking place, some great musical acts and much more! Read all about it below….

3 March, 1988:  Medical Marches and Rector Races

The University is reported on the eve of the election of a new rector to the University, with the candidates being the “flamboyant” Richard Demarco, the “youthful” Christopher Lipscomb, the “political” Albertina Sisulu, and the “direct and humorous” Muriel Gray.

Student reports on a march of thousands of medical students from around Scotland across Edinburgh, to protest the cutting of NHS provisions for both patients and doctors, as proposed by the UK government.

Read the full issue here


10 March 1988: A New Rector a Great Performance

Muriel Gray, famous English journalist, wins the election for new University Rector by a landslide, with a more than 1,00 vote margin between herself and the next candidate.

The Proclaimers return to Scotland to preform in Edinburgh as the finale to their U.K. tour, putting on a great show at Usher Hall, according to Student critics.

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