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December 1985

The December issue of  Student is now live! Read the last issue of 1985, ripe with politics and debate but with its fair share of festive cheer! Read more below…


5 December 1985: Government cuts to higher education, but some raucous reggae to lighten the mood! 

  • Edinburgh Principal and Vice Chancellor, Dr John Burnett, warns that government cuts to higher education could cause the University of Edinburgh, and other top universities around the UK, to close in the coming years.
  • Worry about the removal of dissections from CSE O and A level biology courses may force degree courses to take up the slack.
  • Edinburgh debating team sets sail for New York, the team will compete with 6 other Scottish universities as well as others from around the globe.
  • Student livens up the week with not just a little, but of lot of Reggae!
  • History was made as the first ever Chair of Parapsychology was filled by Dr Robert Morris of Syracuse University.

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