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November 1987

This month Edinburgh is home to some great performances and some controversial politics….Read more below!

5 November, 1987: Merchant of Venice Success, By No Wind Fall for Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh may face serious cuts to resources and funding from the Scottish Government and private investors, Student reports.

The Merchant of Venice was a huge success at the Royal Lyceum Theatre, according to Student critics, who particular praised the performance of actress Elizabeth Millbank as Portia.

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12 November, 1987: A Visit from Westminster and A Nightmare on Elm Street

The Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, John Smith, paid a  visit to Teviot Row House and spoke about the positives of Scottish devolution and the negatives of the impending poll-tax.

The final instalment of The Nightmare on Elm Street series premiered at the Odeon Cinema this week, with a great reception from students.

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26 November, 1987: Student in Detention and James Taylor in Edinburgh

A former University of Edinburgh student was put in a detention centre in South Africa for ten weeks for his outspoken opinions supporting the anti-Apartheid movement.

James Taylor and his band travelled to The Venue in Edinburgh and put on a staller performance, according to Student critics.

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