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December 1986

Political controversies and classic ’80’s musicians take Edinburgh by storm in the first week of December, as students prepare for exams and the holidays. Read more below!


4 December, 1986: Loans, AIDS, and Rock n’ Roll

  • Student Editors encourage more members of the University community to get involved with the anti-loans scheme protests happening around campus in this week’s editorial, which claims the previous week’s ‘Week of Action’ was more a “week of inaction.”
  • Letter writers to Student this week expressed mixed opinions on Student’s article about the AIDS epidemic in the previous issue, read more on page 5.
  • Van Morrison and Alice Cooper both preformed at the Playhouse this week, with Student publishing mixed reviews on their performances. While Alice Cooper was lauded as a “master of stagecraft,” Van Morrison was described as looking “fat, old, and rather bald” by critic Blaise Drummond.
  • The Eurhythmics played in Glasgow with a rave review published by Student critic Colin Hancock, who compared the concert to an act of worship,” and called the music fervour of the performance “searing,” “unrelenting,” and “refreshing.”

Read the full issue here


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