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April 1987

Returning from the 1987 Easter Holidays, Student reports on the EUSA Elections, AIDS research breakthroughs and some great theatre! Read more below….

23 April, 1987: Cuts to EUSA on the Eve of Elections!

EUSA nominations opened for the Students’ Association elections on this day, however only five were featured in Student‘s preliminary coverage.

The Students’ Association could face up to £20,000 in cuts, Student reports this week.

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30 April, 1987: AIDS Research Breakthroughs and Tennessee Williams Plays…

AIDS is said to be quickly spreading in the outer Lothian areas and Edinburgh, with a link being found between AIDs contraction and Heroine use.

The Glass Menagerie rose its curtains at the Lyceum and received a rave review from Student critics’ this week.

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