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April 1985

18 April 1985: FCS deny conference rampage

  • Faculty merger proposed as Jarratt reports: A merger of three faculties, amalgamation of small departments and a sharp reduction in the size of the Senate are among the recommendations of the Jarratt Committee’s special study of Edinburgh University.
  • The Empire strikes back as Teviot stages debating championship: Teviot Row Union was the venue last month for the first final of the Bank of Scotland Schools Debating Championships, which were organised by the EU Debates Committee.
  • MacPherson’s place in history: Edinburgh University Rector Archie MacPherson believes that the rectorship is unique, and that from his personal point of view will give his name a degree of permanence because his period in office will be recorded and noted in the history of the University.

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25 April 1985: Liberals and SDC split

  • Fete and hop for Charities: Fireworks exploding over Calton Hill on Monday night announced to Edinburgh and beyond that Rag Week ’85 was well and truly under way.
  • The worst possible taste: On Sunday night at Teviot John Morrison succeeded in consuming twenty particularly unwholesome looking words, raising over £550 for charity in the process and a lot of bile.
  • China- a cultural revelation: Many Westerners find the Chinese quite the most stupid, boring, irritating, and tasteless race of people ever to have crawled upon the earth’s surface. Hundreds, and in recent years thousands, of travellers and businessmen leave China every year with this impression, and even foreign correspondents sometimes betray it.

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