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January 1985

10 January 1985: Unions to face shorter hours

  • Citizen Smith- the way ahead:  Last month, John Smith, Member of Parliament for Monklands East, was promoted to being Shadow Spokesperson for Trade and Industry (opposite Norman Tebbit).
  • In the front line: ‘The Ivy League’, now based in West Nicolson Street, has won something of a reputation for itself on the Edinburgh fashion scene.
  • Students’ rally brings London to a halt : Having expected 3,000 at most, the NUS organisers were overwhelmed by the sheer numbers, as more and more students arrived at the South Bank Complex in a seemingly unending stream.

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17 January 1985: Hart demands changes to NATO thinking

  • South Africa- still in chains: South Africa can only maintain its current unjust regime because of European and American complicity in, and acceptance of, the domination of its black majority by its white minority.
  • University report: tackling the cuts: In its Annual Report for 1984, published last Friday, the University has spoken out against government cuts in higher education and explained the various steps being taken to maintain standards.
  • Hart demands changes in NATO thinking: “I have the honour to present the next President of the United States.” It was with those optimistic words that the Rector, David Steel, introduced United States Senator for Colorado, Gary Hart, to deliver a public lecture at the University on Saturday morning.

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24 January 1985: Grants fight to restart

  • UN principles restated by de Cuellar: “Yours will be an exciting adventure, and you cannot afford to fail.” So concluded the United Nations Secretary-General’s speech at the University on Tuesday.
  • Margo MacDonald to stand for Rector: Last night the Campaign for Working Rector officially decided on Margo MacDonald as their nominee for the forthcoming Rectorial Elections.
  • On the Home Front: Radio Forth, the independent local radio station based in Edinburgh, which serves East Central Scotland, celebrated its tenth birthday on Tuesday.

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31 January 1985: Smart talks to empty GM

  • Smart talks to empty GM: Edinburgh University had its own “trickle-back” effect on Monday evening as the Students’ Association relaunched its grants campaign at a General Meeting.
  • Rectorial race gets under way: Margo MacDonald and Nelson Mandela are the first two candidates to emerge in the election for Edinburgh University’s Rector, to be held on March 8th.
  • Voluntary student union membership?: Controversial plans to introduce legislation to make membership of university student unions voluntary are being considered by Government Ministers.

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