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October 1985

2 October 1985: Fresh Fruit!

  • In a ‘Freshers’ Guide’, new students are advised how best to survive the year ahead, including detailed information on societies, pubs, arts, movies and sports, as well as a guide to the best clubs in Edinburgh.
  • Editors of Student take readers behind the scenes to reveal how the paper is put together every week.
  • Some of the challenges women are likely to face at University are discussed.

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9 October 1985: His Royal Highness

  • In an extensive interview with HRH Prince Philip, the then Chancellor of Edinburgh University outlines his views on the post war effect on the University. A curious snippet indicates that in the early 1980s Prince Philip would have been the people’s choice as President if the UK had become a Republic!
  • A highly notable exhibition of the Emperor’s Warriors (Terracotta Army) comes to Edinburgh’s City Art Centre, with queues stretching along Market Street and up Cockburn Street!

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17 October 1985: Protest!

  • The theme of Apartheid features strongly in this issue, however not necessarily in the way you might expect. The front page contains an article on an Anti-Apartheid March recently held in Edinburgh. However, later in the issue we have an article complaining about the sale of South African paper clips in EUSA shop, and a particularly outraged letter about the inclusion of a ‘Special Anti-Apartheid Crossword’ in the paper Midweek.
  • Another equally harrowing article was an eyewitness account from Edinburgh student, James Greenwood, of the earthquake in Mexico City.

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24 October 1985: The belles of St Leonards

  • St Leonard’s Hall is revealed as the venue of choice for the reunion of the infamous St Trinian’s Old Girls.
  • An Edinburgh student experiences the bright lights and cameras of the world of television.
  • Philip Cullum describes his experience of participating in Channel Four’s Comment.
  • At the EUSA General Meeting, a proposal to ban the sale of alcohol from all the Student’s Association House is proposed!

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31 October 1985: General Meeting – picking up the pieces

  • The Edinburgh Leukaemia Appeal in conjunction with the Leukaemia Road Runners Celebrity Walk with Ian Botham as a key fund raiser.
  • In an interview with Student, Jimmy Boyle, who was convicted of murder in 1967, talks about his artist career after his release.
  • The newly established Edinburgh International Film Festival gets set for its second run.

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