Law Library summer opening & support

A sunrise shows over the horizon, dappling through the branches of the trees and over the grass of the Meadows in Edinburgh.

‘Sunrise, The Meadows, Edinburgh’ by Jeannette King via WikiCommons (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Now that teaching and exams are officially over for the year you may be in the fortunate position of having a long summer ahead of you away from the University. If so, we hope you enjoy it!

For those of you still working or studying over the summer months rest assured that the Law Library is still open weekdays from 9am to 4.50pm. You can find more information about the Law Library and all our other campus libraries on the library opening hours webpage.

If you’re an academic looking forward to planning your next semester’s teaching we’d like to remind you to get your Resource Lists submitted before next Monday (3rd July) to be guaranteed to have your list processed and purchases made before we resume in September. Any lists received after this date will still be processed, but in the order received (so sooner is better).

You may be pleased to hear that your Academic Support Librarian team will also be available throughout the summer! Both Anna and SarahLouise can be contacted by email at any time, so please don’t be shy about getting in touch:

Hello from your new (part-time) Law Librarian

Hi! My name is Anna and I am a new Academic Support Librarian supporting Law. SarahLouise and I are job-sharing – I take the start of the week and SarahLouise the latter but you don’t need to remember that. Just email us at if you have any questions.  

I am a third-generation librarian (!) and I moved here from De Montfort University in Leicester. Professionally, I am interested in the critical aspects of information literacy, particularly issues of bias and source reliability. I am also interested in how AI will impact all aspects of information literacy. Personally, I love walking and photography and can’t wait to explore all the beautiful Scottish landscapes.  

I look forward to working with you all in the coming months.


Welcome and welcome back!

Hello, and if this is your first time visiting the Law Librarian Blog, we’re glad you made it! This is where we  post updates about training, resources, library access and anything else we think you might need to know. We hope you’ll find the blog a useful place throughout the year.

So welcome week has come and gone already and we’re straight into Week One of teaching. We’ve been busy running induction sessions for student at all levels but don’t worry if you missed out, recordings of all online sessions have been uploaded to our Media Hopper channel:

There’s information about what’s available in the library and what we have online access to listed in DiscoverEd, which you can find here:

And finally, some other resources that can help you get started with legal research:

We completely understand the first few weeks of a new academic year are swamped with information, and it’s probable that you’ll have too much to take in for now. However if you bookmark this page or these resources we hope they’ll be useful when you need them. If you have questions please feel free to get in touch at any time by leaving a comment or emailing us directly:

American Prison Newspapers, 1800-2020: Voices from the Inside

The library has access to a new collection from JSTOR.

Image of books stacked on a small table in the foreground on the mezzanine of the Law Library, looking out across a room full of students studying in the Senate Room (out of focus).

Books stacked on a table on the Law Library mezzanine. Photo by Sam Stills, copyright University of Edinburgh.

American Prison Newspapers, 1800-2020: Voices from the Inside.

The first newspaper published within a prison by an incarcerated person was Forlorn Hope, in 1800. Since then more than 450 newspapers from U.S. prisons have been published. Some are still in publication today such as Angolite and the San Quentin News. 

This collection brings together hundreds of these periodicals from across the US into one collection. Representing various institutions there is special attention on women-only institutions.

The collection is open access and can be accessed via the A-Z list of databases.



Dissertation Support

At this time of year many students are finishing their dissertations. There are a few places where students can get some advice and support on this in relation to library resources:

  • Law Librarian Resources Media Hopper Channel: We have collated several videos that cover using legal databases and also referencing.
  • Law Subject Guide: This collates all the useful legal resources that the library has in one guide. With links out to useful resources it also has a section on referencing.
  • List of Legal related databases: This list collates resources that students could find useful for their studies. It helps to distill ones that relate to this subject area- however if the research spans other topics then looking through the lists for those areas could also offer useful resources. If you are not sure which database will help then take some time to look at the descriptions.
  • LibSmart II Legal Module: This short online module offers information and advice on finding legal resources.
  • Contacting the Academic Support Librarians who support the Law School: You can contact us on .

Other help and advice:

The Institute for Academic Development have resources which offer assistance to students undertaking their dissertations.



Resources Lists- what are they and where do I find them?

At the start of a new semester it is always a priority to find your course reading material.

Many of the Law School courses use Resource Lists to detail the course readings, and the links to these lists are in your Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) Learn. Look out for the link to Library Resources or Resource List on your course pages.

Not every course uses this type of list for their readings but an increasing number of  courses do. Whatever way your course uses to tell you about course readings if you have an issues about accessing library resources then don’t forget you can always get in touch with your Academic Support Librarians (

To see the full details of what you can do with Resources Lists and how to get the best from them (using personalisation features) then go over to the Resources Lists pages at: 

Keeping up to date with Library news

The University Library Services throughout the pandemic have had to work within the limits set by the Scottish Government and the wider University. This at times has been frustrating for staff and students as access to resources has been limited.

As government guidance changes in response to the pandemic then the library services have also had to change and adapt.

But it can be difficult to keep up to date with the changes- and that is where the Library Updates pages come in! These pages are the place to go to find out the latest news including re-opening of services, links to more information, help and advice.

As things continue to develop in the run up to the next semester then keep an eye on this page:

Re-Opening of the Law Library

As many of you know the rules on lockdown have begun to change. From the 26th April 2021 this means that library services can offer more access to premises – including the Law Library.

It is not a return to business as usual!

Staff and students will be able to access the premises and collections, with self-issue machines being available so that self-service borrowing can resume.

All users will need to adhere to the rules relating to Covid-19 restrictions including physical distancing, wearing a face covering (unless exempt) and the booking of study spaces before coming to the library. Full details on study spaces and how to book is available on the Study Spaces pages.

The opening hours are available at the Law Library pages.

As access to the library starts the Click & Collect service will come to an end, but any requests made before the 19th of April will still be processed.

For students who have not had the opportunity to visit the Law Library this short presentation will give you an idea of what is available during usual service: Law Library Tour

The Library staff look forward to seeing you again!

Click & Collect comes to the Law Library

The Law Library now is part of the Click & Collect Service!

The Click & Collect service has been expanding since it’s launch in Feb 2021. As of 29th March 2021 staff and students are able to place Click & Collect requests for print material from the Law Library collections.

The Law Library resources are in addition to those already available from the Main Library, New College Library, ECA Library and University Collections Facilities. Items based at other site libraries are not yet available for Click & Collect.

To order a book collection using the service:

  • Place your request through DiscoverEd.
  • You can order up 3 Click & Collect items at any one time. The maximum number of requests covers your total current Click & Collect requests.
  • All items requested should be collected from the Main Library as the Law Library remains closed.
  • Staff will undertake retrievals of items requested from the Law Library once a week (Tuesdays). So depending on when you place your request it may mean that it may take over a week for you to receive an email notification that your requested item is available for collection.
  • Once you have received an email notification that your requested Law Library item is available you should make a booking to collect your item from the Main Library.

Full details of the service are available on the main Library Click and Collect Service webpages:

Don’t forget that the Scan & Deliver Service is also available to you!


New Click and Collect Service- Main Library and UCF

A new Click & Collect Service has been launched!

Click & Collect means that staff and students can now request to borrow materials from the Main Library (ML) and University Collections Facility (UCF). This is one of the ways that the University Library is making the print collections available.

Items included are those in the standard, short and reserve collections at ML and UCF. There may be delays in obtaining some material as there are book handling procedures that need to be followed to ensure that staff and borrowers are kept safe.

So how do you use the service? Here are the basics….

Ordering: You place the request through DiscoverEd- make sure you are logged in so you can see the request button on the item record. Up to 3 items can be requested at any one time.

Collection: You will get an email once your item is ready- so check your university email account as notices will be sent there. The email will tell you how to book a collection slot- currently that will be between 10.15 am- 3.45 pm Monday to Friday, or 1.15 pm- 3.45 pm on Saturday or Sunday. Items will be held for 8 days from the date email confirmation is sent.

No doubt there are many other questions you have so there is a webpage with lots of FAQs and advice: