Dissertation Support

At this time of year many students are finishing their dissertations. There are a few places where students can get some advice and support on this in relation to library resources:

  • Law Librarian Resources Media Hopper Channel: We have collated several videos that cover using legal databases and also referencing.
  • Law Subject Guide: This collates all the useful legal resources that the library has in one guide. With links out to useful resources it also has a section on referencing.
  • List of Legal related databases: This list collates resources that students could find useful for their studies. It helps to distill ones that relate to this subject area- however if the research spans other topics then looking through the lists for those areas could also offer useful resources. If you are not sure which database will help then take some time to look at the descriptions.
  • LibSmart II Legal Module: This short online module offers information and advice on finding legal resources.
  • Contacting the Academic Support Librarians who support the Law School: You can contact us on Law.Librarian@ed.ac.uk .

Other help and advice:

The Institute for Academic Development have resources which offer assistance to students undertaking their dissertations.