Planning future sprints

We’re now in the third phase of the DataVault project, and as previously discussed, we are using fortnightly development sprints to undertake the remaining development tasks.  Following our monthly project meeting yesterday, we now have draft sprints to take us up until the end of June, and the first full release of the software!

Keep an eye out for a future blog post: we’re scheduled to hold an event for potential early adopters of the DataVault system in their own institutions.  29th June, central London!

Between now and then we have planned a further four sprints (sprints 3, 4, 5, and 6).  We plan these in details at the start of each sprint, but right now we have indicative backlogs for the next three.  Not only will these involve further developments to the software, but also test installations at our institutions to allow more thorough testing of the software in-situ, especially once fully configured into local systems such as Shibboleth and PURE.


All of the Jisc #DataSpring projects have also been reviewed by both the SSI and the DPC in terms of sustainability and good practice from an open source perspective.  We’re glad to report a relatively good result, but there are a few areas where we can improve – so we will also be addressing those in the coming weeks.  These include better documentation, links about how to contribute to the project, and clearer contact details.