DataVault presentation and poll

The DataVault has been out and about recently: first to the International Digital Curation Conference (IDCC) in Amsterdam in February, and more recently to the first meeting of the new Jisc Research Data Network.

At both events we presented an overview of the DataVault project, followed by a live demonstration.  We then used the ‘Poll Anywhere‘ audience participation system to facilitate feedback.  In particular we asked the following questions to the audience:

  1. Did we present valid use cases for a Data Vault system?
  2. Do you see the need for a Data Vault iatyour institution?
  3. Do you think the Data Vault does enough ‘preservation’?
  4. Do you think the Data Vault is missing any obvious features?

Perhaps the most interesting piece of feedback was that at IDCC, which is an international conference, the feedback to question 2 (“Do you see the need for a Data Vault at your institution”), the response was 50% yes, and 50% no.  However at the Jisc event which only contained a UK audience, the response was 100% yes.


The slides are available for download.

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